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An Awesome Celebration!

December 12, 2003

Wow! What a party! I wish you could’ve been there 🙂 !

I’m not usually fond of parties, being something of a wallflower, but I was really eager to go to this one because my best friend was the Host (yes, my husband knows about this 🙂 –this is his best friend too, but his work schedule prevented him from coming with me). It was an elegant affair. We got to dress in our finest, there were candles, fresh flowers, music, the finest linens on the table and the ornate dishes were real gold (imagine!).

I didn’t have to worry about standing around feeling awkward–as I usually do at parties–because everything had been prepared and planned so that everyone had a special role to play in the festivities. The food was absolutely incomparable (you’ll never find soul food like this anywhere else)! But the most awesome part was that our Host personally presented each guest with a priceless treasure.

You’ve probably heard Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote:

Rings and jewels are not gifts,
but apologies for gifts.
The only gift is a portion of thyself.

Well, our Host gave no apologies. No ring, no jewel comes even close to the value of this gift. He didn’t stop at giving us a portion of Himself, either. He gave each person all of Himself in a most intimate way!

He united His Body with mine!

(you might want to stop for a second and let that sink in…)

You’ve probably figured out by now that the only Person capable of doing such a thing is God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. You’ve probably also figured out that the party I’m referring to was the Mass. (Some parishes offer Mass every day, but because our priest has two parishes, we only have Mass on weekends, Wednesdays & Fridays.)

What you may not realize is that every Mass is a celebration of Advent (awaiting Christ’s coming), Christmas (Christ becoming tangibly present to us, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in what was bread and wine), the Last Supper (Christ giving us His very Body and Blood as our food and drink), the Crucifixion (Christ offering Himself to the Father to pay for our sins) and the Resurrection–all rolled up into one! It’s all of salvation history in microcosm, not because God does the same thing over and over, but because He enables us to transcend time with Him, to be present at the eternal heavenly celebration.

All too often, I go to Mass with my eyes of faith unfocused. Spiritually I’m not seeing very well, so I just listen to somebody read words I’ve heard many times before, listen to somebody else recite some verses and recite a few myself (while my mind goes elsewhere), sing a few songs, eat a little wafer & go home. I may even fuss about how unharmonious the singing was or how stumbling the reader was–missing the whole point, missing the whole Reality for which I went in the first place! Part of the reason I write these reflections is that when I want to describe en event to someone, I often pay closer attention to what’s going on in order to be better prepared to share the story. Passing this on to you helps me focus the eyes of my heart, helps me enter into the eternal Reality that’s unfolding before me. Thank you!

And now that I’ve received this priceless Gift, I have an awesome responsibility to pass on the invitation…

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