The Power of a Praying Grandmother

As I was listening to the readings at Mass this weekend (especially Exodus 17:8-13 & Luke 18:1-8), it struck me that the main characters in the stories were probably both elderly. We know Moses was–he was 80 when he led the Israelites out of Egypt! And although it’s possible for widows to be young, we tend to associate widowhood with old age. Counter to our culture’s devaluing of the elderly as not being very useful anymore, God holds them up as models of prayer–the most powerful force on earth.

I was reminded of Mike Warnke’s conversion story. He said that God had revealed to him that the reason he was even still alive was that an elderly nun had been praying for him for years. He quipped, “If you don’t know Jesus and you’ve got someone praying for you, give up. Especially if it’s your grandmother–give up! ‘Cause those little gray-haired old ladies, they don’t know how to shut up so you might as well give up!” (It was obvious that he thought the prayers were a good thing 🙂 !)

My husband and I both credit our faith in large measure to our “praying grandmothers.” We each had (still have, in my case) one and are eternally grateful. Although we don’t have children (much less grandchildren!) we’re trying to “pay forward” the favor with our Godchildren by praying for them (and a host of other people!).

Never underestimate the power of a praying Grandmother!
(or any praying man or woman…)

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