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Da-ddy! The DOLL!

October 11, 2017


(my re-telling, since I can’t find the original…)

Two little girls, out shopping with their father, stopped in their tracks.

There, in a shop window, was


Her hair was all curls, her cheeks rosy, her smile radiant,
her gown, afloat with ruffles and lace.
Her eyes opened and closed.
She could drink from a bottle.

She was every little girl’s dream.

Suddenly, nothing else mattered.


Their little noses pressed against the glass of the shop window,
the sisters squealed with delight,
“Daddy! Daddy! THE DOLL!”

Smiling at their excitement, Daddy promised that it would be theirs–
not right away, but when the time was right.

Bursting with joy,
the girls threw their arms around each other
and  bounced up and down.

Days went by.

No doll.

Weeks went by.

No doll.

One day, Daddy came home to find one daughter
huddled in the corner of the couch, dissolved in tears.
Enfolding her in his strong arms, he asked gently,
“What’s the matter, Sweetheart?”

Pulling away, she curled into a ball of misery,
“Da-ddy” (*sniff* *gulp* *sobsob*)
“THE DO- (*gulp* *sob*) -OLL!”

Just then, the door burst open as her sister flew into the room,
launched herself into her father’s arms
and began smothering him with kisses.

“Well, well, what’s all this about?!”

Her eyes dancing, she exclaimed,
“Da-ddy! THE DO-OLL!”

Confident in her father’s faithfulness,
she was celebrating his promise
as if its fulfillment was already hers.

My Heavenly Father has made me much more amazing promises than this.

Every day, I have the choice to imitate one of these two girls.
The joy rings through my memory:
“Da-ddy! THE DOLL!”

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