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Jesus Wanted Brothers (& Sisters)

May 27, 2018


The only Son of God died for us,
so that He might not remain alone.
He Who died as the only Son
did not want to remain the only Son.

For the only Son of God made many sons of God.
He bought brothers for Himself by His Blood;
He made them welcome by being rejected;
He ransomed them by being sold;
He honored them by being dishonored;
He gave them life by being put to death.
~St. Augustine (Sermo 171)

A family asked their children
if they’d rather have a new baby brother or sister–
or a puppy.
The children chose the puppy.

I can relate.
As a child, I probably would’ve chosen a kitty.
But that just shows how far I was
from the Heart of Jesus.

He didn’t want to remain an only Son!
He didn’t want to be an only Child.

And this was no slight preference!
He was so passionate about acquiring a large family
that “He bought brothers for Himself by His Blood”!
He counted no price too high to pay
for brothers (& sisters)…
for you.


Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for May, 2018

May 1, 2018


Blessed May!

Here is our Holy Father’s prayer intention for this month
dedicated to Our Lady:

Evangelization: The Mission of the Laity
That the lay faithful may fulfil their specific mission,
by responding with creativity to the challenges
that face the world today.

May God bless your prayer!

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