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Be Who You Are

February 23, 2019


Turning the other cheek
is not about letting people take advantage of you.

It’s about refusing to relinquish who you are
under emotional pressure.

It’s about being noble,
taking the high ground,
keeping your head
when those around you are losing theirs.

It’s about having enough “weight”
to not be blown away like chaff,
being substantive.

Don’t succumb to those

who try to push your emotional buttons.

It’s your mission to love them–
to conversion, if possible.

Only the Divine life within
makes that possible.

It’s supernatural.

I must remain in the Vine
in order to produce this fruit.

The Power of Questions

February 18, 2019


The devil uses
to make us take ownership
of ideas
(as per his temptation
of Eve).

Beware the questions
you entertain!

No Problem

February 8, 2019


The story of Jesus driving demons out of a man & into pigs
(Mark 5:1-20)
is an image of what happens in Baptism.
Evil is driven out & drowned in the water
and we are clothed & in our right mind.

It’s also quite the demonstration of omnipotence.
Nobody could restrain this man,
but the demons didn’t even try to resist Jesus–
they pleaded with Him.
This is power beyond power–
you don’t mess with Him!

But if you’re on His side,
no problem is a problem for Him.

Marriage issues?
No problem.

Money troubles?
No problem.

Health concerns?
No problem.

You just need to be prepared
to have your false gods destroyed.
And I do mean destroyed.



There’s no dallying with them

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