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Mary’s Burden Was Light

July 17, 2010

This reflection really would’ve fit February 2 (the Feast of the Presentation) nicely, but the good God didn’t make me wait that long…

Come to Me,
all you who are weary and find life burdensome,
and I will refresh you.
Take my yoke upon your shoulders and learn from Me,
for I AM gentle and humble of heart.
Your souls will find rest,
for My yoke is easy and My burden light.
-Matthew 11:28-30

This verse overlaid itself on the fourth joyful mystery of the rosary,
in which the Blessed Virgin Mary brings Jesus,
“A light to the Gentiles and the glory of Your people, Israel” (Luke 2:32) to the temple for His consecration to God and for her “purification”
(as if one could purify purity personified!).
We celebrate this occasion
(February 2, Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)
as “Candlemas”, the Mass of candles
(and some parishes still have a blessing of candles and a candlelight procession for Candlemas), because Jesus is the Light of the World
(John 8:12).

And light (illumination) is light (not heavy)!

Mary’s burden was…Light.

But wait…there’s more…

You are the light of the world
-Matthew 5:14

We’ve come back to that first quote.
Jesus calls us to take His burden upon ourselves…
and that burden is…light!
Light light, destined to shine in the darkness and not be overcome
(see John 1:5).
Christ bids us to be light-hearted,
with hearts both radiant (light) and buoyant (light).
This is the yoke by which He bids us ascend with Him
(second glorious mystery of the rosary) to the Father
(if we’re yoked to Jesus, we go where He goes!).
Now that’s light!
This burden does not bow us down.
It lifts us up…and up…and up…to Heaven,
to the right hand of God the Father Himself!
There’s nowhere higher to go!

That’s where Mary went (fourth glorious mystery of the rosary).
Her burden was light.

That’s where we are destined to go.

That’s where we find rest.

May your burden be…light.


May 13, 2010

Today, our great High Priest enters the sanctuary not made by hands, bearing with Him the only sacrifice worthy to be offered to the Most High (Hebrews 8:1-2). He pleads for me.

Today my Head is lifted up in glory.
Jesus, my Head (see Ephesians 5:26, Colossians 1:18), rises gloriously into Heaven to take His place at the right hand of God. He Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) has opened a path for me, that where He is, I also may be (John 14:3).

“In Jesus Christ, our Lord and King,
we are already seated at Your right hand.”
-Psalm prayer for Psalm 110 from Sunday, Week I, Evening Prayer II of the Liturgy of the Hours

In Him (I Corinthians 12:27), I, too, am lifted into the heavens, seated at the right hand of the Most High, with my enemies placed beneath my feet (Acts 2:34-35).

“He has lifted up my head above my enemies.
I have gone around,
and have offered in His tabernacle
a sacrifice of jubilation:
I will sing, and recite a psalm to the Lord” -Psalm 27:6

It’s “the now and the not yet”, foretaste and fulfillment, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when I unite myself with the eternal sacrifice which Jesus offers in Heaven.

Blessed be Jesus in His most glorious Ascension!

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