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May 23, 2019


It is strange to say that we discover Christ in one another
through forgiveness.
Perhaps this is because we have a wrong conception
of forgiveness.
So often, alas, as we use it,
it is condescension following upon condemnation.

But it should not be.

It should be the most direct way of healing a wound.

It goes beyond all possible explanations
and all possible misunderstandings.
It does not even ask to be understood…

Christ is utterly sinless;
if someone has injured us,
it cannot be Christ in him that has injured us.

But no one can do wrong without wounding himself.

Sin always wounds the sinner,
but Christ has taken this great wounding to Himself.
All His wounds, all His suffering, the whole of His passion,
is the wounding of sin–

ours the sinning;
His the redeeming wound of our sin.

Forgiveness, then,
is a reaching out to comfort and heal
that wound in our friend
which Christ in him bears
because of the wrong he did to us
~Caryll Houselander, The Reed of God

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