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Irritating Blessings

May 15, 2010

At Mass tonight something was getting on my nerves and I was doing my best to detach from the irritation when I had a sudden memory.

It’s all too often proved true that when something my husband did was irritating me, and we later talked things through, it turned out that he was actually trying to please me. I’ve taken that to heart, so that when something he does bothers me, I remind myself that he’s probably trying to please me (I know he’s not trying to irritate me–he just doesn’t do that).

I now have a new application for that! God only gives good gifts. Everything He does is for our benefit (Romans 8:28 is just one indicator of that). So if I’m irritated, it’s because I don’t recognize the blessing God’s trying to give me.

Thank You, Lord, for irritating blessings. Help me to receive them as answers to prayer and to use them for Your purposes–to help me grow in virtue, conquer vice, glorify You (and whatever else You had in mind!)

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