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The Power of Evil?

November 11, 2003

The last time we were at the school I was thinking about what my husband (the teacher) said about death & demonic imagery being so popular among the students & the irony struck me. People think of death & the demonic as being so powerful, when neither has any real power! It’s all an illusion, all just posturing. It’s the ultimate in weakness, in slavery. How can they be truly powerful when they’ve cut themselves off from the Source of all power, from Omnipotence? The true power, the love of God, doesn’t have anything to prove, doesn’t go around showing off the way the devil does.

If we could see with God’s eyes, or even with the angels’ eyes, we’d see just how ridiculous it all is. The little pipsqueak of a twisted angel puffing himself all up like a frightened kitten before the real power of almighty God would be simply hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic. Pretending to be strong only makes us weaker. Acknowledging our weakness so God can provide what we lack gives us the only real strength there is (“When I am weak, then I am strong” -2 Corinthians 12:10).

Imagine you buy a piece of property with an old farmhouse on it that’s falling down, has no windows–you just want to tear down the old house & build a new one. Now imagine that you pretend you’re strong enough to take care of it yourself. You run up to the building and start threatening it. You growl at it, show your claws and teeth, and rush at the house to knock it over. All you’d do is hurt yourself! You might knock a couple boards loose, but that’s about it.

What if, instead, you acknowledged your physical weakness and instead hired a bulldozer to come push the house down? No need to make yourself look ferocious. You just get the job done.

God is our bulldozer.

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