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Puzzle Pieces

May 15, 2010

We’re at church early on Saturdays. Confessions are held before each of the Saturday Masses & we’ve been coming when confessions start and praying for more people to come, and to ask God to help them make good confessions.

While I was praying and waiting for Mass, I had a mental image of puzzle pieces. Going off of what just came the other day about God having a use for everything and a place for everything, it came to me that life is something like a jigsaw puzzle. The point is to get all the pieces in their proper place (whether that means putting them there ourselves or giving them to God so He can)…but all too often we think the object is to get as many pieces for ourselves as we can!–at least, the ones we like. We try to destroy the dark, ugly ones. But God works all things together for the good of those who are called to be saints (Romans 8:28).

Maybe some of my pieces belong in a different place…
Lord, please help me get them there…


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