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A New Use for “Return to Sender”

May 25, 2012

My mind latches onto “neat ideas”
(in this case, designing a crochet pattern)
with the tenacity of a pit bull
–especially when I’m trying to concentrate
on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I need my “Return to Sender” stamp for those too.

Wow, is it hard to send back ideas I want to think about!
But sometimes I just can’t afford them.
I need that “currency” for more valuable things.

God help me, back they go!

Return to Sender

May 22, 2012

I have a critical streak a mile wide.
When something’s just not right
it drives me out of my tree.
And the more I dwell on it,
the more I fuss and fume,
internally if not externally.
It just goes downhill from there.
The negative spiral can ruin a perfectly good day.

I’ve accumulated a number of tools for handling such things
over the years (I’ve been at this for decades!)
and recently added a new one.

If one receives an unwanted package,
say, from a book club or cd club,
they can just mark it “Return to Sender”
and send it back
without paying anything.
However, once the package has been opened
one must either pay for the contents
or pay for return shipping.

Negative thoughts are like that.

If I open them…even a little…
I pay for it.
But I have the option to hit “Return to Sender”
and wing them back where they came from
for free.

I’ve developed a mental “rubber stamp” for such occasions.

When I detect an nonconstructive thought in the making
I stamp it “Return to Sender”
and send it on its way…
and very quickly divert my mind with something constructive!
(Donna Cori Gibson’s sung version of the 1000 Souls Prayer
is especially good for that).
It’s helped a lot.

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