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In the Presence of My Enemies–My Cup Overflows

November 14, 2012

I tend to gloss over Psalm 23.
It’s just too popular–hardly the road less taken!

That’s probably why I never really put much thought into that part
about banqueting in the sight of my foes.
Ok, so they can see me
but they probably don’t much care.
They’ve got their own business to attend to…

Current events put that verse in a new light.
The foes of faith care very much about whether we can banquet or not.
They’ve given us the choice of abandoning either our beliefs
or the ability to purchase food for our table
(and the tables of the less fortunate).

That’s exactly the context in which my Shepherd spreads His table before me,
filling my cup to overflowing.

I need to keep that image in mind whenever I’m feeling threatened.

No matter what any foe may take from me
there’s always more.
God lives in me.

The Spirit of God dwells in you
-Romans 8:9

And He is an infinite fountain of life,
of generosity,

He who believes in Me, as Scripture has said.
“Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water”
-John 7:38

In the presence of my foes
–when the heat is on–
my cup overflows.


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