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“I Can Handle You”

April 30, 2010

I have a strong personality. Although there are times when that’s a blessing, sometimes I’m afraid of my own strength, afraid of what might happen if this much energy and force goes wrong (I know what happens when it’s brought up short–ow!), afraid to risk it…

Rich Mullins’ song came to mind:
“We are Not as Strong as We Think We Are.”
It was as if God was saying, “Nothing you do is irreparable.
Nothing you do is irredeemable. You killed Me, hanging Me on a Cross. God raised Me up (Acts 13:26-33–today’s first reading).
Will He not then turn every other act of yours to good,
especially when you’re trying to please Me?
Don’t be so afraid of your strength.
You are not as strong as you think you are…
I can handle you!” (He’s been saying that a lot lately…)

It reminded me of what my husband said years ago of his experience of learning martial arts. He was afraid of his own strength, afraid he could seriously hurt or kill someone. It was a revelation to experience how limited his strength really was.

I am not God. That’s a good thing! I’m not in charge of protecting Him from myself. He’s got that (and me, and everything else) all under control. I don’t have to worry about it. My job is to keep my eyes on Him and on His omnipotence, to put my strength at His disposal…to keep things in perspective. As Rich Mullins puts it:
“Our God is an Awesome God!”

He can handle me–all of me. *whew*

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